Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Waka Art

Hi and welcome back to my blog today I am going to shear my waka art.
So the koru's are my family and the boat is my waka  Hotrota and the stars are my ones that passed away and in the  middle is the names of my family so Dad Billy Shcan  Lauryn Rangiwaea Charlotte Mum Kristal and so hears a picture  of my waka art.


  1. The koru you have drawn at the bottom to represent your family are amazing Lauryn. Cool to see you have included your waka. Well done :)

  2. wow lauryn this is an amazing blog, my favorite part of your art is the koru that represent your family, well done :)

  3. Wow! Lauren this is such a beautiful piece of art. I like how you did a different color for every Kou. I also like how you did the mum and dad holding all the kids

  4. Nice waka art Lauryn.
    I can tell that you have worked hard to get this don.
    well done Lauryn.
    keep up the great work.