Monday, 11 September 2017

Belling The Cat

Long  ago  the  mice  had  a  meeting  about  their  enemy  _ the  cat, what could they do about her? Some said this and some said that. But at last a young mouse got up and said he had an idea. We can never hear her coming? Right
Right Right Right Right Right.

The cat moves without making a sound”, he said. That’s why we are always in danger”, we can run faster than she can right ?
Right Right Right Right Right.
“And”, he said, “if we could hear her coming,it would be easy for us to run away!’ Right?

Right Right Right Right Right Right.

Now my idea is this. we will tie a bell around the cat's Neck. then whenever she moves, we will hear her and we can run away!  

The most clapped  and cheered _ until an old Mouse got up and said, that is very well. But which one of you is going to put the bell on the cat?”
The Mouse looked at one another in silence, and no-one ever spoke again of Belling the cat.

Itis Easy to think of a good idea but it's not always easy to make it work. You and your big ideas

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  1. Great writing Lauryn. Your story was good quality and it made me laugh.
    keep up the great work.